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Tornado has been manufacturing and supplying wire fencing products for more than 30 years. Tornado revolutionised the industry by introducing high tensile fencing to the UK, and have since continued to develop high-performance solutions for the agricultural, equestrian and industrial market sectors.

Hi-Tensile Plus

Hi-Tensile Plus from Tornado represents years of development and refinement. It offers optimum strength, durability, tautness and ease of installation for a low lifetime cost and effortless maintenance. Its ability to be strained much tighter than mild steel fencing means that fewer intermediate posts are required for savings in time and money.

Mild Steel

Tornado offers high quality mild steel fencing. Tornado invest considerable development time and the latest technology to ensure the mild steel products they supply are among the strongest and longest-lasting on the market, and give every roll a unique serial number for complete traceability. Light mild steel for temporary fencing and heavy mild steel for special requirements are also available.

Deer Fencing

Britain’s three hundred deer farmers know that the best fencing is essential for safeguarding their animals and therefore their investment. Tornado Deer Fencing, made from Hi-Tensile Plus, offers unrivalled strength, a secure boundary and comprehensive protection from predators.

Specifications range from 8cm to 30cm between the vertical wires for use in different situations – a smaller mesh is required for keeping deer in, for example, whilst a large mesh is sufficient for excluding them. Equally, with fence-trained animals, a lower-cost specification can be used for internal fences. Tornado has an unrivalled manufacturing capability for this type of fencing.

Equestrian Fencing

Tornado equestrian fencing is trusted by thousands of horse owners whose priority is the security of their animals. We offer a choice of equine products to suit different environments and budgets, all designed by specialists to meet the very specific requirements of high-quality, horse-friendly wire fencing.

The unique, close wire spacing of both the stay and line wires ensures optimum levels of strength and resilience to impact. The elasticity of Tornado Horse fence allows it to flex under the horses’ pressure and return to its original shape, with no compromise to stability. For more information on all our equestrian products please request a brochure.


Benefitting from the renowned quality of Tornado’s Hi-Tensile Plus wire, Tornado Lambsafe has been specially developed as a safe, secure fence for sheep and lambs. Even the smallest lambs are protected, and the perfect 22cm spacing between vertical wires greatly reduces the risk of ewes becoming caught in the fence – a particular problem with horned breeds.

Hi-Tensile Plus product strains tighter than mild steel, meaning half as many intermediate posts are required. Supplied in 100m rolls to cut down on joining, Tornado Lambsafe is fast and easy to erect.

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