Thurles Fresh Milk

For over a century Thurles Fresh Milk has brought the freshest flavours of Tipperary to kitchen tables throughout the County.

Our progressive approach to quality improvement, technological advancement, growth and sustainability is underpinned by a commitment to our community.

All our milk is sourced from farms within 12km of Thurles, meaning our milk gets to the shelves quicker for you to enjoy fresher. Buying local also reduces the carbon miles and transport involved in milk production, which means every time you enjoy Thurles Fresh Milk you’re helping look after the environment.

Find the full range of our freshest skim and whole milks and creams at your local supermarket and Centenary Thurles Farm Stores. Enjoy the taste of Tipperary!


The National Dairy Council mark gives consumers the assurance that they are supporting local jobs, because the milk or cream they are buying has been farmed and processed in the Republic of Ireland. Thurles Fresh Milk has been licenced to carry the NDC Guarantee since its development in 2009.

The School Milk and Dairy Programme

Through the EU-subsidised School Milk and Dairy Programme, Thurles Fresh Milk provides a year-round supply of milk, to children in schools across the county at great value for money. All children registered for the programme receive milk cartons or bottles daily, which are delivered directly to schools by their local Milkman. For more information about the programme, visit the Moocrew website, which is dedicated to schools, parents and students. To find out more about School Milk and how to register please click here.

Q Mark: Quality Management System

The Q Mark is the recognised Irish symbol that guarantees consumers the highest standards of Quality and Excellence in Ireland. Thurles Fresh Milk was first awarded the Q Mark in 1998 and has retained the Q Mark through continous improvement and excellent business practices. The Q Mark is awarded to organisations that successfully complete a detailed annual audit.

Manufacturing Milk

Much of the milk produced by our dairy farmers is processed into cheese, butter and powders for the export market and makes a significant contribution to the economic life of our country.


For over a century Thurles Fresh Milk has brought the freshest flavours of Tipperary to kitchen tables throughout the County.…


We recognise the pivotal role played by community organisations throughout our area – from schools to ploughing associations and…