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Fresh Thinking

Tipperary Fresh is a new milk produced by cows that have a diet free from Genetically Modified ingredients. The first such product on Irish shelves, Tipperary Fresh is guaranteed by our 100% managed supply chain and Foodchain ID certification.

Our cows graze on lush Tipperary pasture and enjoy soya free non-GMO animal feed in colder months. Apart from limiting the dependency on ingredients coming from around the world – and the associated pollution and transport emissions – the removal of soya products is an important stance against the devastation of wildlife and biodiversity in vulnerable areas such as the Amazon rainforest.

Home grown non-GMO crops also provide an abundance of benefits here – providing a natural habitat for bees, improving soil health and biodiversity – and we keep our carbon footprint low by packaging our milk within 12 kilometres of our farms.

Good. Inside & Out.
Tipperary Fresh is packaged in an infinitely recyclable pack.
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