Our Protective Policy

Common Ground, Common Good

Launched in 1962, the CAP recognises both the challenges and contributions of the agricultural sector, and helps to safeguard the rural economy and drive sustainable growth in food production across the region.

Protection of the environment is at the heart of the common agricultural policy, which legislates, regulates and supports our farmers as they balance the contrasting challenges of producing food whilst protecting nature and safeguarding landscapes.

Key policy areas include

  • Maintenance of permanent grassland
  • Development of ecological focus areas
  • Crop diversification
  • Investment in technology, internet services and infrastructure

Water Protection

Centenary Thurles Co-op play an important role in maintaining our rural environment, healthy fresh water and ecosystems throughout Tipperary as part of the national programme to protect Irish water quality. Good farming practices are instrumental, and our farmers uphold their obligations under the Nitrates Action Programme which governs our use of nitrogen and phosphorus to help prevent pollution of ground and surface waters.

Ireland, Leading the World

All of our farmers are members of Bord Bia’s national Sustainable Dairy Assurance Scheme and Origin Green, the first national sustainability programme in the world. Through our membership of these vital initiatives, our farmers are committed to environmental standards across commercial and social sustainability activities, all independently audited and verified.

Origin Green places sustainability at the heart of our operations, with audited targets across:


Raw Material Sourcing

  • Supplier Certification
  • Sustainability Initiatives
  • Packaging


Manufacturing Processes

  • Energy
  • Emissions
  • Waste
  • Water



  • Social Sustainability
  • Health & Nutrition
  • Community Initiatives
  • Employee Wellbeing
  • Diversity & Inclusion