Champions for sustainability

We believe there is mutual benefit to cooperation between agricultural and conservation interests, and the potential for positive change is greatly enhanced by working together.

Through our Sustainable Community Partnership programme we strive to protect our environment and our vibrant rural communities today, tomorrow and for future generations. We do this across all strands of our operation; by implementing national and European policy; promoting our national sustainability commitments; supporting local voluntary activities; and innovating our practices, production and packaging to develop market-first products.

Our Protective Policy

Common Ground, Common Good

Irish farmers work in unison with our European counterparts to embed social and environmental sustainability practices into our industry, governed by the common agricultural policy.

Our Community Partnerships

Stronger Together

We recognise the pivotal role played by local organisations throughout our area who help sustain communities and our way of life. Our support, whether through one-off donations for fundraising events, or direct ongoing financial sponsorship, ultimately leads to strengthened communities and a stronger Co-op.

Our Product Innovation

Fresh Thinking

By working with our local growers and farmers to produce certified non-GMO animal feed, and taking intensively produced North American cereals out of our supply chain, Tipperary Fresh is the first milk of it’s kind available in Ireland – marking our progressive approach to quality improvement and commitment to sustainability.